Celebrating 150 Years

The Huron County Historical Society brought thirty local authors together to make this new compilation as complete and inclusive as possible. The Society reached beyond its regular membership to include local historians and authors who have demonstrated a keen sense for recording the history of our county.  

Follow us now to these stories of yesteryear: The history and stories of towns and villages such as Parisville, Ruth, Kindi, and Owendale, barely covered in earlier writings of our history are brought to life in much greater detail. Our four corner villages and country schools are also featured. Learn about our county’s first known inhabitants, the Sauk Nation, followed by the Ojibwa who resided here when the first French explorers arrived in the late 1600s. This land once belonged to France. Later, under British rule, our land was granted to the Colony of Virginia by the king of England.

Read how our communities grew from four-corner beginnings along the shores and in the wilderness forest to build an industry in lumbering, fishing, railroading and even shipbuilding, and how the pioneers suffered through great forest fires to build the agricultural industry we know today.

For more information about “Celebrating 150 Years”, a new book preserving the County’s history, Click Here.

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