Huron County Wind Farms

Currently, the two main areas of commercial wind power are the Michigan Wind One and the Harvest Wind Farm. The Michigan Wind One is located around Ubly and the Harvest Wind Farm is located around Elkton and Pigeon. Both are owned by John Deere Energy.

Huron County is the best place in Michigan to collect wind power because it has the highest on-land wind speeds. The power is dropped into the electrical supply grid, and used where ever the demand is greatest. Better wind produces better power.

The map shows you the location of both the Michigan Wind One, and the Harvest Wind farm. The Harvest Wind farm encompasses 3,200 acres of land that is able to generate around 53 megawatts and the Michigan Wind One has 8,600 acres acres of land that is able to produce about 69 megawatts of pure energy in addition to the agricultural crops still produced.

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