Huron County Wind Farms

Currently, the two main areas of commercial wind power are the Michigan Wind One and the Harvest Wind Farm. The Michigan Wind One is located around Ubly and the Harvest Wind Farm is located around Elkton and Pigeon. Both are owned by John Deere Energy.

Huron County is the best place in Michigan to collect wind power because it has the highest on-land wind speeds. The power is dropped into the electrical supply grid, and used where ever the demand is greatest. Better wind produces better power.

The map shows you the location of both the Michigan Wind One, and the Harvest Wind farm. The Harvest Wind farm encompasses 3,200 acres of land that is able to generate around 53 megawatts and the Michigan Wind One has 8,600 acres acres of land that is able to produce about 69 megawatts of pure energy in addition to the agricultural crops still produced.

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Nonprofits Are at Risk of Losing Their 501(c)3 Status

Nonprofits Are at Risk of Losing Their 501(c)3 Status
In the past, 501(c)3 organizations earning less than $25,000 a year were not required to file with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). With the Pension Protection Act of 2006 small organizations that have not filed for the past three consecutive years are in danger of losing their tax-exempt status – including more than 50 in Huron and Tuscola counties. dns information web speed domain . Derogace .

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Hydraulic Fracking: The Thumb Deserves Answers

Sometime in January 2010, a new technology proved promising to extract natural gas from deep shale using hydraulic fracking. This resulted in many farmers in the Thumb being approached by oil companies with offers to sell the mineral rights to their land. Governor Granholm helped arrange for the lease of about $178M of such rights concerning properties owned by the State of Michigan. Apparently, this comes close to being about as much as Michigan has earned altogether since it started selling such rights. More sales took place October 26, 2010 and netted about $10M. (1)  Continue reading

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Celebrating 150 Years

The Huron County Historical Society brought thirty local authors together to make this new compilation as complete and inclusive as possible. The Society reached beyond its regular membership to include local historians and authors who have demonstrated a keen sense for recording the history of our county.  

Follow us now to these stories of yesteryear: The history and stories of towns and villages such as Parisville, Ruth, Kindi, and Owendale, barely covered in earlier writings of our history are brought to life in much greater detail. Our four corner villages and country schools are also featured. Learn about our county’s first known inhabitants, the Sauk Nation, followed by the Ojibwa who resided here when the first French explorers arrived in the late 1600s. This land once belonged to France. Later, under British rule, our land was granted to the Colony of Virginia by the king of England.

Read how our communities grew from four-corner beginnings along the shores and in the wilderness forest to build an industry in lumbering, fishing, railroading and even shipbuilding, and how the pioneers suffered through great forest fires to build the agricultural industry we know today.

For more information about “Celebrating 150 Years”, a new book preserving the County’s history, Click Here.

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Michigan’s Thumb unemployment down

UPPER THUMB — For the second month in a row, jobless numbers in the Tri-County area decreased in October, according to new unemployment data issued Tuesday by the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth.

The unemployment rate in the entire Thumb Area Works! Area (Thumb Area MWA), decreased from 17.1 percent in September to 16.5 percent in October, according to the report DELEG issued Tuesday.

The Thumb Area MWA includes Huron, Tuscola, Sanilac and Lapeer counties. Local statistics for each of those counties were issued by small labor market areas included in the Mid-Michigan region which in addition to the Thumb, includes Midland, Shiawassee, Clare, Roscommon, Gladwin, Iosco, Ogemaw and Arenac.

The DELEG report states the region’s 12 smaller market areas showed mix movements over the month, with eight showing slight decreases in unemployment rates.

The Huron Labor Market Area exhibited the largest decline in the jobless rate in October. October’s rate was 13.7 percent, which is 1.1 percent less than the 14.8 percent reported for the month of September.

There remains a total of 2,125 unemployed in the Huron Labor Market Area, which is 175 less than the previous month, but 750 more than in October 2008, when Huron’s unemployment rate was 8.4 percent.

The Sanilac Labor Market also exhibited a decrease in its unemployment rate, from 17.8 percent in September to 16.9 percent in October.

As of October, there were 3,425 unemployed in the Sanilac Labor Market Area, which is 175 less than the previous month, but 1,100 more than in October 2008, when Sanilac’s unemployment rate was 11.2 percent.

The Midland Labor Market Area continued to post the lowest jobless rate among the region’s 12 smaller labor market areas, as the report shows its unemployment rate is 10 percent, which is a slight decrease from the 10.2 percent in September.

There remains a total of 4,250 unemployed in the Midland Labor Market Area, which is 75 less than the previous month, but 1,575 more than in October 2008, when Midland’s unemployment rate was 6.2 percent.

The DELEG’s report states that for the second consecutive month, the Lapeer Labor Market Area recorded the highest jobless rate in the region at 17.7 percent. This was a slight decrease, however, from the 18 percent posted in September.

As of October, there remains a total of 7,575 unemployed in the Lapeer Labor Market Area, which is 100 less than the previous month, but 3,325 more than in October 2008, when Lapeer’s unemployment rate was 9.8 percent.

The Tuscola Labor Market Area, which exhibited the largest reduction in employment in the month of September, also saw a slight decrease in its unemployment rate during the month of October. The DELEG’s report states Tuscola’s jobless rate in October was 16 percent, compared to the 16.3 percent posted for the month of September.

There remains 4,275 unemployed in this county, which is 100 less than the previous month, but 1,425 more than in October 2008, when Tuscola’s unemployment rate was 10.4 percent.

Statewide, Michigan’s unemployment rate decreased from 14.8 percent in September to 14.3 percent in October. The state’s unemployment rate in October 2008 was 8.7 percent.

As of October, there remains a total of 693,700 unemployed in Michigan. That is 18,700 less than were unemployed last month, but 266,500 more than in October 2008.

Regional Economic Analyst Rhea Acuna, for the DELEG’s Bureau of Labor Market Information, said on Tuesday that the local area unemployment data for the month of November is scheduled to be released Jan. 5, 2010.

Published: Wednesday, December 2, 2009 10:34 AM — Huron Daily Tribune
By Kate Hessling, Tribune Staff Writer

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Mysteries of the Great Lakes

Through several interlocking stories, including the story of maritime commerce and the ships that move cargo through the inland waterway, MYSTERIES OF THE GREAT LAKES will take you on a journey through the greatest lake system in the world, and showcase the amazing geography, ecology, science, and history of the region through the most powerful film medium in the world — IMAX.

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Paddling along Michigan’s Thumb

Extending 110 miles around the geographical Thumb of Michigan, the Tip of the Thumb Heritage Water Trail’s diverse ecosystems and landscapes will satisfy all paddlers and accommodate all skill levels.

The west side of the Thumb, from Quanicassee to Sand Point, is a wildlife wonderland. The shore is mostly undeveloped wetlands, the water is shallow, islands create protected harbors and the bird species are too numerous to name. In the spring and fall this area is a stop over for migratory waterfowl.

From Sand Point to Port Austin the shore transforms from wetlands to sandy beaches. Port Crescent State Park hosts the largest sand dunes on the east side of the State and the tastiest wild blueberries. The resort towns of Caseville and Port Austin have wonderful restaurants and shops.

Rounding the Tip of the Thumb and entering Lake Huron, the landscape dramatically changes to some of the most picturesque rock formations in the Great Lakes. Receding glaciers left behind huge boulders, cliffs, sea caves and sea stacks. The shoreline has the feel of a mini Pictured Rocks (but much safer to paddle).

The east side of the thumb is rugged, quiet and natural. It is common to see eagles overhead and deer and raccoons along the shore. Historical lighthouses in Port Austin, Port Hope and Harbor Beach are an added bonus to the trip.

The entire trail is dotted with campgrounds for those that want to paddle for more than a day. The small towns along the shore are interesting, fun and hospitable. In the first weekend of June, the town of Port Austin hosts a kayak festival and transforms its shoreline into a huge rustic campground for paddlers. Kayakers come from all around the Midwest come to paddle the trail.

Chris Boyle, member and former Vice President of the Tip of the Thumb Heritage Water Trail. Chris is currently paddling the entire trail compiling an inventory. He has completed ¾ of the trail as of this date. He also owns a kayak rental shop in Port Austin that services the trail.

Great Resources:

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Michigan’s Thumb could be in line for water technology project

Two Israeli companies have agreed to start water technology pilot projects in Michigan, says Lt. Gov. John D. Cherry Jr.
Cherry recently returned from a week-long overseas trade mission to the Middle East, making stops in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Dubai, and bringing back news of the deals.
The two pilot projects, one by EPC Ltd. Onsite Wastewater Solutions, and another by EMEFCY, involve innovative uses of wastewater.

Katie Carey, a Cherry spokeswoman, said the EPC project will occur somewhere in Oakland County. The location of the EMEFCY project is still up in the air, but the Thumb is a possibility, Carey said.
They deal a lot with the CAFOs, and there are some of those in the Thumb,” Carey said. “It’s a possibility. We’re definitely looking at the entire state.”

CAFOs is short for concentrated animal feeding operations, which have been blamed for water pollution in the Saginaw Bay area.

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Thumb Blue Star Mother’s celebrate sixth anniversary

The Thumb Chapter of the Blue Star Mother’s of America, Inc. (BSMA) will celebrate their sixth year of service to local military families, veterans and soldiers on Veteran’s Day 2009.

The organization was chartered on Veteran’s Day 2004 with help from mothers and dads of then currently serving military men and women from the Huron County area. The group was designed to serve families in the Huron, Tuscola and Sanilac county areas.

Since the first initial meeting one important function remains part of every Blue Star Mother meeting…soldier updates. In this portion of the meeting, mothers and family members of soldiers give an update as to where their soldier is stationed, when they last heard from the soldier, what their job is, deployment information, and soldier stories.

The “moms” share special events like upcoming weddings, soldier leave (vacation) dates, graduation and or special training education, and the arrival of grandchildren.

The Thumb Chapter of the Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. can be reached by e-mailing or by mailing: BSMA Thumb Chapter #178, PO Box 64, Bad Axe, MI 48413.

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Bottomlands use agreement reached.

Bottomlands use agreement reached.

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$475 million Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

President Barack Obama signed a bill to the rescue of the planet’s largest group of freshwater lakes.

Tucked inside the Interior and Environment Appropriations Act of 2010, the $475 million Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is the biggest single-year cash infusion a president has committed to the 10,000-year-old liquid assets on which floats the future of Northeast Ohio. That money aims at the toxic sludge, raw sewage, harmful algae blooms, 185 invasive species and damaged habitat that threaten this precious fresh water.

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Lake Huron Water Levels

Daily water levels on each of the Great Lakes, except Lake Superior, increased during December. The level of Lake Superior fell by its average amount, while levels on Lakes Michigan-Huron experienced a small, but welcome, increase. Water levels on lakes Erie and Ontario increased much more than average during December.


Daily water levels on Lake Superior fell 8 cm during December, equal to the average decline for the month. The level of Lakes Michigan-Huron rose 6 cm, instead of falling a few centimetres as it usually does. Daily water levels on lakes Erie and Ontario increased 12 and 18 cm, respectively. On average, these two lakes have increased by just 1 cm in past Decembers during the 1918-2007 period of record.

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